Elaina sessions Birthday and Just because!

Elaina’s birthday was recently and her beauty and happiness was captured flawlessly during our in studio session last weekend. A month or so before the birthday session, it was a beautiful fall morning and excitement abounded with fresh fall colors and a radiance that made everything beautiful as if these two weren’t cute enough already! […]

The beautiful aftermath of severe weather

If you know me, my passion for photography began with photographing severe weather.  Mother nature can be beautiful and scary, like most of us moms can be at times. 🙂  So, I did a timelapse of severe weather moving through the area which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=743095569070973&set=vb.239854262728442&type=2&theater and https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=743113012402562&set=vb.239854262728442&type=2&theater Here are some beautiful mammatus […]

Shooting the Sunrise….

I am always in awe of mother nature and her beauty and fury (much like all women), ask anyone! This morning after working at my other job last night and only a few hours of sleep, I awoke after some kind of nightmare thinking the world was going to end and I needed to leave […]

Photographing downtown St. Charles

My best friend and cousin currently lives in St. Charles. She grew up there too. I visited her Friday August 1st and brought my camera along. Contrary to my usual visits, it was a quiet evening- just walking, chatting, yawning, and photographing. It was nice! Love you Kimmi!  Here are some photographs to commemorate your […]

Belmont Cross – The Elbo Room – Chicago, IL

My friend Geoff contacted me and asked me to shoot his band yesterday in Chicago during a Battle of the Bands. I met the members of Belmont Cross, the singer – Chloe, guitarist / floor tom – Brian (with a B), guitarist/ violinist /vocals – John, bass – Geoff, and drums – Chris. They came […]

Newborn photography tips

Reposted from: PhotographerLauren Sanderson’s blog http://www.laurensandersonphotography.com/newborn-portrait-tips-for-parents-huntsville-newborn-photographer/ If there is one thing that I love, it’s photographing newborns. A newborn photography session is so challenging, but it’s so amazing to be a part of a baby’s life when they just days old. There are so many factors that have to come together for the session to […]

Memorial Day Weekend Family Reunion in Woodstock

I had the pleasure of meeting a whole family of wonderful folks that were celebrating a 70th birthday, where the Sister-in-Law decided to have a photographer because the parents are 90 years old and this was one of the few times all the children at the parents had been together in the same place at […]

Christie Family Session

So, Gabby is a friend of mine that has been interested in having a session photographed by me and yesterday was the day! Her sister, Shelley, was in town along with her daughter so it ended up like 2 mini sessions! As always, much fun was had by all! Too many laughs and we even […]

Tindle Family Session

Today I photographed an awesome family!  Nicolette and Colin were my main subjects.  Their mom and dad joined them for a few photos later.  But tonight, I am showcasing a brother and a sister who obviously love each other the way only siblings can!  There were many laughs to be had, of course, and these two […]