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Hey there ! High there?? Low there?? ILL GO THERE!!! #workfromanywhere #anytimeanywhere

If you’ve been here for a minute you know that I am a family photographer.
You know I love capturing wedding, family and
real estate photos.
And I love using drones to get the perfect aerial shots! I especially love using the drone because its such a neat experience!!
What you may not know is that includes your extracurricular activities as well! I have fun watching people complete and capture their real-time emotions. Just like did with this hole in one challenge with the Algonquin LITH Chamber Golf outing!
Do you have a golf game coming up?
If it’s soccer, football, recitals, golf or amy of the hundreds of other things..
I’m here for ya! I got ya!
Just reach out!
😀 😎 📲 #sports #dance #music #theater #Recreation #CompetitionEvent

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