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Bobbi Rose’s studio in downtown Algonquin is easy to get to from just about anywhere. 

With a private entrance and easy close parking, you can easily bring your personal items easily. 

Available by appointment only, so place your order today and lets get you in for your session!

what makes Bobbi Rose different?

How headshots are completed

Onsite Selection

Choose edits during the session, ensuring the end result is exactly as you envision.

Competitive Pricing

$250 for a 45 minute session with 1 edited image in our studio on downtown Algonquin. Alternatively, the setup is completely mobile allowing Bobbi to come to your office or home. Each additional is $50 fully edited.

Quick Turnaround

Understanding the need for efficiency without sacrificing quality, we guarantee a quick 3-day turnaround for your finished image.

Style Consultation

Bobbi herself will offer expert advice on makeup and outfit choices, ensuring that every element of your appearance aligns perfectly for the camera. We encourage you to bring a selection of your favorite wardrobe pieces, jewelry, and makeup to the session. This allows us to create a look that truly represents your personal brand and style.

Backdrop Variety

We provide an array of backdrop options to complement your company's branding or to suit what you're wearing on the day. There are over a dozen colors and options to choose from.

Lasting Quality

Our professional services extend beyond the camera lens, with advanced editing techniques that enhance your natural features and convey your professional persona. Our clients consistently find themselves delighted with their headshots, often returning only after several years due to the lasting quality and timeless appeal of our work.

Career Advancement:

A professional headshot is often used for LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and job applications, helping to create a strong first impression.

Personal Branding:

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and public figures use headshots to build their personal brand across various platforms.

Acting Portfolios:

Actors need headshots for auditions and casting calls to showcase their look to directors and casting agents. These are captured differently than traditional headshots and require authentic and varying expressions.

Public Speaking Engagements:

Speakers often require headshots for event promotions and program materials.

Author Profiles:

Authors use headshots for book covers, promotional materials, and author bios.

Social Media Presence:

A professional headshot, or full branding photoshoot, can enhance one’s profile on professional networking and social media sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our headshots? Here's some common ones and their answers below.

Both gentlemen and ladies should keep it simple wearing form fitting, pressed tops and suits or cardigans.  If you aren’t sure, bring a few and we will help you select something perfect from your wardrobe.

Avoid bright colors, patterns or flat white. Neutral colors (gray, pink, and earth tones) and deep jewel tones are preferred (purple, green, red and blue).  If you have a cardigan we can always add that to a few of the photos. 

If you typically wear makeup, wear it as you usually do.  Do not try heavier makeup that is not your usual look.  Bring eyeliner and a few lipsticks and we can do some photos without and with to provide some variety of the look.  

Please, do not add concealer to blemishes. We will touch those up.  You aren’t cheating if we correct the photos!  Everyone does this for headshots, even me!!

If you want to hire a hair and makeup artist, by all means, please do. It will make you feel even more fabulous!

Take good care of yourself leading up to your session! A fresh haircut a week or 2 prior is great to have good natural growth and if you have a beard or mustache, a fresh trim is essential as well as beard oil.  If you plan on dying/ highlighting your hair, again a week or 2 prior is great.

Absolutely! We offer a fully mobile service where we travel to your office or preferred location. Our setup is designed to provide professional-grade headshots with minimal disruption to your workday. There is no strict minimum, but we recommend having at least five individuals to make the most of our visit to your location.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to set up our mobile studio completely. No special equipment is needed from your side. We just require a small space in your office to set up our equipment. An area of about 10×10 feet is usually sufficient.

The final edited image is selected onsite typically by the subject, but we can choose to maximize time. Each session takes no more that 3 minutes each and photos are delivered in 3-4 business days.

Absolutely, Bobbi Rose Photography is well-equipped to handle large-scale events. We have a strong team of experienced photographers to cover every aspect of your event. Additionally, we offer the unique feature of projecting images onto a large monitor or TV, allowing attendees to immediately view and select their preferred shots for editing.

To ensure privacy and convenience, we can create separate online galleries for each attendee, providing them with exclusive access to their photos. Moreover, for instant gratification, we offer the capability to print images onsite, delivering high-quality prints within just 30 seconds after capture. This comprehensive approach ensures maximum exposure and satisfaction for all subjects.

122 S. Main St in beautiful downtown Algonquin.

I am in the studio in downtown Algonquin by appointment only.  It is a shared space with a few other photographers so if you drive by you might see any of us in session but we typically do not hang out there as we only complete sessions there.

I have been photographing professionally for 12 years.  It all started with my beautiful daughter and my desire to capture her with a better camera and my cousin Christina, owner of Emerald Coast Images, starting her photography career down in Perdido Key, FL.  Check out my About page for all the details!

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If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us through any means provided on our website. Our expert team is always here to assist you in any way possible.

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