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I recently had a conversation with another photographer and was telling him that I had to learn to head swap due to a few people making goofy faces out of a generally successful large group photo of 31 (not all of us can look perfect all the time right)?
He actually said to me, “I don’t ‘fix’ people. If they don’t like the way they look, that’s too bad.”
I responded with “You don’t even whiten the teeth, whites of eyes and brighten their eyes?!”
He said “No.”

Well, I find that to lack a lot of the reasons why people get their photographs taken. People want to look their best. If that means erasing a hair or softening their “real” laugh lines because fake smiles are illegal while they are photographing with me, then so be it. But I will always make my clients look as good as they possibly can. If you don’t want that, please, please don’t hire me. I’ve got someone to refer you to though. 🙂
See woman on far left and woman in blue sweater in center…  Compare the top and the bottom.  Now which photograph would you rather have on your wall?
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