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To All of our Veterans… Thank you for your service! #veterans #army #military #airforce #navy #marines

Our ‘fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers’ and friends and foe alike …. have served and sacrificed so much beyond our comprehension. For you and I to have the freedom we hold so dear!

Fathers have missed the births of their children, mothers missed milestones and goodbyes to passing family members.

They instead take on training, service, and in most cases injury and PTSD… Our men and women in arms do this with honor, pride, greatness, and the truest bravery we will ever know.

So I ask you……. for a moment today to remind those around you that they are appreciated on this day and all our days we have ahead of us!

Embrace your loved ones who served and shake the hand of the old gentleman with the service hat on in the grocery line. Give a smile and thanks!

Folks, these things go a mile for those who have given so much for our country! #Dienhartproud!!

Two generations of service in my family; grandfather and father… HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!!!!

#free #sacrifice #love #honor #fight #training

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