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Senior Power Tanner -HHS Huntley high school red raiders


Our stunning male senior this year & he totally rocked it.🕺 He had such a laid back, easy going vibe yet was so fun and funny. Total model look. Had an amazing time shooting with this senior at Huntley High School in Huntley, IL.  Go RED RAIDERS!

There are countless reasons why senior year is special – whether it’s getting your first job, learning to drive or future outlook including a career with college degree in mind or a technical degree. This year is also special since it is the year you are graduating from high school and maybe even move out of your parents’ home. 

One thing that a lot of seniors do before their high school graduation is a senior photo shoot.  This photo shoot, in a way, symbolizes your stepping into adulthood. 

Recently, senior pictures have become a staple for high school graduates. Seniors strive for different and more unique photo shoots. Everyone wants pictures that will be different, and at the same time, highlight their personality in a unique way and we strive to achieve that for each one, even yours!

Let’s discuss photoshoot ideas that will help you plan out the perfect senior photo session!

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