Headshots are an important part of business.  They should be updated regularly and well executed.  We can do that for you.  Our regular rate is $149 for a 30-45 minute session.  After we are done, we will review the images and you will select one from the session as your included headshot.  Then we take a few days to edit the image(s) you choose.  Each additional headshot is $40 and is due prior to leaving the studio.

Our editing includes full editing including

  • color correction
  • white balance adjustments
  • blemish removal
  • hair enhancements (fuller, flyaway removal)
  • face softening
  • specific corrections that we will discuss during your session



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Thinking about getting updated headshots?  Time to go to the closet and see what you have!

Both gentlemen and ladies should keep it simple wearing form fitting, pressed tops and suits or cardigans.  If you arent sure, send us samples and we will help you select something perfect from your wardrobe.

Avoid bright colors, patterns or flat white. Neutral colors (gray, pink, and earth tones) and deep jewel tones are preferred (purple, green, red and blue).  If you have a cardigan we can always add that to a few of the photos.

If you typically wear makeup, wear it as you usually do.  Do not try heavier makeup that is not your usual look.  Bring eyeliner and a few lipsticks and we can do some photos without and with to provide some variety of the look.
Please, do not add concealer to blemishes. We will touch those up.  You aren’t cheating if we correct the photos!  Everyone does this for headshots, even me!!

If you want to hire a hair and makeup artist, by all means, please do. It will make you feel even more fabulous!

Take good care of yourself leading up to your session!
A fresh haircut a week or 2 prior is great to have good natural growth and if you have a beard or mustache, a fresh trim is essential as well as beard oil.  If you plan on dying/highlighting your hair, again a week or 2 prior is great.

Let’s get your headshot session booked today.

Additional information

Headshot Options

Standard on location session, Scorched Earth Algonquin LITH COC Promo Mixer March 19th 5-7 only, April Rockford Blitz (coming soon)


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