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Do you have a mask collection too or is it just me??#COVID #safteyfirst #lessismore #collectthemall

With COVID on the rise again in Illinois… And it hits much too close to home for some of us, we are doing the best we can to stay safe and aware!!

Sanitizer on deck, Clorox wipes check, masks, gloves, and more!! DONT FORGET THE TOILET PAPER!! 😂 Some of the kids are in high spirits about this.

And we can’t be more proud!!Embracing it as much as they can!

And some even doing Senior Year photos in their masks! From gators and medical-grade.. to masks with the vents… We all are doing our part!

It’s tough stuff for all of us but 2021 is rounding the corner and we are well prepared after this year!

#masks #caringisntsharing #eyeballsonly #embraceit 😷

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