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Be so good…

Be so good, they can’t ignore you. What does this statement by Steve Martin mean to you?

To me, it means ALWAYS give 100%.  I tell you what, my family HATES that I am so passionate about my work and constantly striving to do more.  I work WAY too much and take on more responsibilities than a person really should.  This year, slowly, I have begun allocating parts of my work while still remaining a strong force in what is the most important to me.  Taking pictures.  And putting finishing touches on what I capture.  I fully edit the personal images still but outsource all the real estate image editing.  This has saved me hours a day of work and kept my sanity.

Next on the list of work allocation is to get my admin back on board. Honestly, when I initially hired her last year, I was all over the place.  Now, I have laser focus on what needs to be completed and -this, my friends- is one of them, this right here!  Blogging, social media, marketing.  The other stuff, emailing, client communication, scheduling, and uploading finished products is going to be off my plate again soon so I can focus on GROWING.  

And grow we will do, without fail.

I started off almost 9 years ago (anniversary coming up in a few months!) with an engagement session.  The following year, it evolved into a couple of weddings and birthday parties.  Later, second shooting for bigger Chicago based photographers and learning the wedding side of things.  I kept growing, kept EVOLVING as a photographer. 

One day, a few years after my mother had passed away from a long battle with cancer, my father came to me and asked me if I would shoot his wedding, that he was proposing to his girlfriend!  After some tears of excitement (I was the first to know) and a few questions (Where and when will this question happen?), he asked ME to photograph his wedding.  I wasnt really prepared for that but brainstormed ideas. I ended up putting a camera on a trigger in the mezzanine of the church and shooting below.  Let me jump back though, she said yes after he proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower!  His fiance asked me if I could stand with her and her daughters in the wedding. I missed out on that and chose to photograph the wedding.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Giving my father the images was important, but so was experiencing it as family, not a photographer.  I definitely DO NOT recommend shooting a close family members wedding.

Lesson learned.

That was only 2 years into my photography career.  I meandered about trying to find my way through the beginners photography fog of:

What do I shoot?  Whats the most profitable? 
What am I really good at?
Why aren’t people hiring me to photograph?

It was a struggle I suffered with for years.  I joined the Huntley Chamber and began really networking.  I found great joy and compliments when I shot for the community guide.  Thats when I decided to try Real Estate on for size.  I shot a couple for a local agent in the neighborhood.  Got good feedback. 

Then, I opened a studio inside Shelley’s Bridal in downtown Dundee.  I didnt do well there, didnt know how to market myself.  

One day, VHT Studios called me to interview and hired me as a contractor. I stayed with them 2 and a half years. I SOARED with them.  I developed STRONG relationships with my clients that still are with me today.  Why did I leave VHT?  They cut the photographers pay 67% since I began and, well, if you know me, I am vocal when there is something I disagree with.  I was honest when asked my opinion and when faced with the question “How can we get you to not share this anymore?” I answered, “Pay me what I signed up for when I signed the contract 2.5 years ago or release me from the bounds of your contract.” They chose the latter and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Now, nearly a year into my tenure as moreso a real estate photographer, videographer and drone pilot, I can say with some degree of confidence that I CANNOT BE IGNORED.  

I definitely still complete personal photos and opened a studio with headshots and high quality portraits at the forefront of services there, but the thing that has stood out the most through all my years in photography is interior and exterior photography.  Event photography is a close second.  I really love what I do and hope that you enjoy what I give you day after day.  I hope that when you think of a high quality real estate and event photographer, you think of me.  I also hope that when you see photos I have captured that you feel SOMETHING, an emotion, like you are drawn to it. Thats my goal in all this.  To have an emotional impact on all that view my imagery and to make you, my number one, my client, extremely pleased with your experience from start to finish and tell your friends about the experience.  If there’s any way we can improve on our experience or you want to share your feelings about a particular image you saw, please comment below and we will greatly enjoy the conversation.  Don’t forget to follow me on social media at the links in the upper right corner and share this post below.  

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