I packed up my gear (and my four year old) and headed straight north all the way through Lake Geneva and continued until I was just south of Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI, where I have seen a few shows in my younger years.  But, oh, what a sight to behold!  The dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis enchanting me and my daughter.  It was her first time witnessing such a masterpiece, and it wont be her last!  And now, to share with all of you out there in internetland…. in sequence…. ENJOY, COMMENT, and like my page www.facebook.com/bobbirosephotog

aurora 2-0930 aurora 2-0931 aurora 2-0932 aurora 2-0933 aurora 2-0934 aurora 2-0935 aurora 2-0936 aurora 2-0937 aurora 2-0938 aurora 2-0939DSC_0942

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