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A few days late and a dollar short

I admit it, I dropped the ball.  Guess what?  I am a single mom with a 10 year old in camp AKA Remote Learning AKA Will-this-covid-crap-ever-end.  I am running this here blog and my business and shooting and networking and expanding and hopefully taking a break one day, but until then, I couldnt sleep at 1:00 AM on a Tuesday night, ah-hem, I mean Wednesday morning catching up on my blog post I was supposed to share 3 days ago!

3 days ago was grandparents day.  My grandparents have passed away and I hope they are resting in heaven peacefully.  I look forward to reconnecting with them on the other side of the light!  But TODAY, my daughter has the most amazing and supporting grandfather EVER!  My pops, Mr. Gary!  He showed up at an event I was working just to bring me a cord so I could fly my drone!  He is supportive of my business and has my back.  I couldnt ask for a better dad and my daughter has an awesome grandpa!  So, although late, happy grandparents day old man!  Had to scroll through the archives to find these ultimate gems!

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