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Please read thoroughly prior to completing the form in the next section!

You will receive an email shortly that outlines this information in more details and must be electronically signed by one parent (or guardian). By completing this form you agree to the following, you:

  • hereby give permission to Bobbi Rose Photography LLC to photograph your child and/or children on their designated photo day
  • give Bobbi Rose Photography LLC permission to publish the photos in a password protected Team Online Gallery to view, order and share photos via social media channels for a period of 30 days. 
  • will receive an email within 30 days of the photo day providing the password and link information
  • understand products will be delivered directly to your home, digital downloads will be available immediately with up to 8×12 printing rights
  • will indemnify the Photographer and NKEC against all expenses, damages, claims and legal costs arising from photos being shared online 
  • also agree that you will not sell, license or publish any of the pictures to any person or entity outside of family and friends

Waiver entry

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