Wedded Bliss – Melissa and Jason

These two love birds married earlier this year at Riverside Community Church in Rockford IL. Their needs for their wedding photographs were for traditional photos, but the brides desire to capture her husband in tears of joy was her top priority so a moment of error and subsequent joy were captured during the ceremony, when […]

Alyssa and Drew’s Wedding PHOTOBOOTH

When Alyssa contacted me about a photobooth setup, I was definitely excited to photograph such a beautiful couple and their guests at their wedding in September! The opportunity came about serendipitously by way of a mutual photographer friend we have. After dinner, we sure got busy and the fun just kept coming! The beautiful bride […]

Coon Creek Country Days – Hampshire, IL

Every year in Hampshire IL, a board puts together a wonderful event that brings people from all over the area.  A carnival, beer tent, food, music, and locals, whats better?  I had the opportunity to attend the event as a citizen and had a fabulous time with my beautiful daughter.  Take a gander at some […]

Children Families

We photograph with ease! Whats included Up to 90 minutes Our 60-90 minute session will occur at multiple locations based on your needs. So you get family portraits, kids portraits, and couple portraits all in one. $150 print credit You receive a $150 print credit too. Want an album with your favorites from the session? […]

Real Estate Agents- What do you want your clients to see?

A realtor approached me a few months ago asking if I could modify some images shot with their personal camera. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so because the realtors images were shot in JPG format which is very difficult to manipulate without losing image quality.  So I offered to come to the home and retake the images […]

Colorado 2015

Late March, my boyfriend and I visited Colorado Springs, CO.  We drove there, which I dont suggest anyone do.  We stayed at a beautiful location at the foothills of the Cheyenne Mountains.  What an incredible place, and the views were completely breathtaking.  If you want to go there, I provided Brad’s VRBO information below.  We […]

Cancer Benefit for Amy Trickie-Taylor March 07, 2015

Anyone who has ever had a friend or family member has been diagnosed with cancer faces so many uncertainties. I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer in 2011 and a dear friend last year to a rare form of melanoma, so I understand how real these uncertainties are. But there is one thing that is certain. […]

Elaina sessions Birthday and Just because!

Elaina’s birthday was recently and her beauty and happiness was captured flawlessly during our in studio session last weekend. A month or so before the birthday session, it was a beautiful fall morning and excitement abounded with fresh fall colors and a radiance that made everything beautiful as if these two weren’t cute enough already! […]