Meet the Johnson’s

Oh man, wheres the Emoji love eyes?? These two met on a popular dating site while off at University and guess what? They fell in love of course! Their mannerisms around one another show that they have a lot of love for each other AND are best friends. Their wedding parties were super fun to […]

Lindsay and Dan are engaged and ‘falling’ for each other!

Lindsay and Dan are the sweetest couple I have had the honor to do business with!  We had such a lovely evening catching their cutesy love for one another.  We definitely had some laughable opportunities and lots of dust on our shoes after being on the baseball field.  Throwing around a big baseball beach ball […]

Presenting the Pellicori’s!!

“For so long, I wished for the day. The day that our love would find its way. From my heart and into your soul, The feeling so strong, I had no control.” Two souls forever intertwined …. isnt love grand! See the rest of the set at  

Kristen & Anthony | Engaged

  These two….. Oh man, they are SO lovey dovey, I cant WAIT for their wedding day and neither can they!  They met at a party and Kristen knew right away that Anthony was the guy for her.  She showed her interest and here they are, 7 years in, getting ready to tie the knot […]


Prom is an essential event in any teens life!  How exciting!  Best friends getting together to celebrate the end of their senior years, one last hurrah!  Book your prom session and choose between several generous packages.  Prom sessions go down in cost per person when more groups are booked in advance. For one couple and […]

Recorded reveal with a beautiful family!

This family is awesome.  They contacted me because they wanted wall portraits of the family, so I customized their session with their decor and love for each others unique qualities in mind.  Mom sent me photos of the family’s planned outfits as well as several poses she admired.  We had not one, but two photoshoots […]

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train!

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train came to Pingree Grove, IL today after many stops throughout the Northern half of the United States and Southern Canada.  Unfortunately, my daughter was in school today.  That didn’t stop me from checking out the awesome concert that they put on this year!  This was coordinated with the Village of Pingree […]

A family of love!

A few days ago, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a busy family of five. For the father, who is a pilot, and mom who takes care of three children ranging from nine to three, I knew getting them all together in a photo might be a challenge. Especially when the middle child would […]